How do you book a flight for someone else?

How do you book a flight for someone else

You can divide the process into two segments when purchasing a plane ticket as a gift. The first is buying the keys, generally done via a dedicated website. The second scenario is that the ticket’s owner arrives at the airport on the day of departure.

Purchasing a Ticket for Someone Else

Keep the following in mind as you go through the buying process.

What You Need to Know

You’ll need the exact details as you would when booking your flight when buying someone else’s ticket. You need to know the person’s real name (as it appears on a passport or other government-issued ID), their date of birth, and the nation where they now reside. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it frequently needs clarification since people don’t check with their parents to see how their name is spelled on official documents. A perfect match is what you’re after.

Taking Off Around the World

You must have the holder’s passport details when purchasing an international plane ticket.

Methods of Payment

Tickets can be purchased using any accepted form of payment, including credit cards. The card’s name and address are not required to match the passenger’s name and address. Furthermore, most airlines allow you to redeem air miles or frequent flyer points. The potential savings from taking advantage of these are too significant to ignore.

Including Conveniences

You may add perks like early boarding or preferential seats as a special treat for the person you’re buying the ticket for. Older people or those with mobility limitations will find this quite helpful.

Instructions for Travelers

Information about the trip is just as crucial as the information needed to buy a ticket.

Planning a Trip

The actual act of sending the itinerary needs to be addressed. Itineraries can be sent directly to passengers by several airlines. In other instances, though, you will receive complete clarity. Please advise your parents or the people receiving your tickets of all the details. Inform them of the location of the parking garages and any other services you may have paid for.

Examine the Airline

Since they use the ticket, the traveller should verify that all flights are still booked the night before departure and again right before heading to the airport. They should also inquire about early boarding locations or products requiring security checkpoints.

Bring an Identical ID with You

Passengers should check-in for their flight with photo identification that matches the name used to purchase the ticket. This is a crucial next move. Tickets can only be issued with valid identification, including a passport for foreign flights.

Purchasing a plane ticket as a present is a thoughtful gesture. This is especially true if your parents are planning a visit to see you, your siblings, and the kids. Booking a trip for your parents and spending quality time together has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of shopping online.

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